Resitech manufacturers:

  • Solar Homeruns
  • Harnesses (X's and T's)
  • Solar fuses
  • Solar (Breakable) fused connectors
  • Bulk wire for DC homeruns
  • 2kv pv ac wiring (Aluminum and copper)
  • Medium voltage wire and cable

Resitech Wire and Cable also stocks communication products, DOT products and C&I Wire and cable products. In addition to stocking wire and cable for EPC and C&I for industrial and commercial businesses; our Solar Division has available products to meet your installation needs for:

  • Solar
  • Substation
  • Transmission


Additionally, we stock:

  • Both AC and DC wire
  • Connectors
  • Lugs and clips for Solar
  • Control Cables for Substations
  • Bare Aluminum
  • Guy Wire
  • 5kv to 235kv for Transmission and collection


You may contact Frank Nicklas for all of your Solar needs:

Frank Nicklas

770-449-1000 ext.16


Photo Credit: Derek Clayton of Inman Solar

Photo Credit: Derek Clayton of Inman Solar

Homerun Wires

Homerun Wires


  • General Cable
  • Service Wire
  • ADC