What We Offer

Resitech Industries is a full service stocking distributor of Solar, Wire & Cable, and Wind Power products. We support installation & maintenance companies across the Southeast as well as the public and private utility markets worldwide. Our quality, reliability, knowledge, and service set us apart from our competition. When choosing Resitech Industries, you get ...

  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Competitive pricing and workable credit terms
  • Less hassle with delivery and inflexible manufacturer terms
  • Access to 100,000 plus feet of wire and cable
  • Same day shipping by UPS, FEDEX, or International Freight Carriers
  • Expedited delivery by our staff


Our Sales Team


Frank Nicklas has over 20 years experience in the Wire and Cable industry and is considered one the foremost experts in the Solar Industry. Frank can be reached at (770) 449-1000 ext. 16. His email address is frank@resitechindustries.com.















Melvin Howard has over 32 years experience in the Wire and Cable industry. He has experience in several industries (Military, DOT, Public School Districts, etc). Melvin can be reached at (770) 449-1000 ext. 24. His email address is melvin@resitechindustries.com.
















Mark Briscoe is the newest member of our team. He has more than a decade in govenment and utility contract  experience and will be as valued an asset to your team as he is to ours. He can be reached at 770-449-1000 ext 13 . Mark@resitechindustries.com




What We are also About

Resitech Industries, LLC strives to make a difference. We seek and are activily involved in many areas of helping our local communities.