At Resitech we understand the demand in the energy sector. Our Utility Division sources high quality cables to fulfill emerging demands. The utiltiy cable liines we provide are flexible and reliable. Further, we have the capability to source millions of various cable lines for low and high voltage transmission. We also cary: Aluminium and Copper for transmission lines, Power Distribution, Service Drop, URD cables, Weather Overhead Line Cable (HMWPE), 20-10 & 30-15 Control Cable (NSHLD/WSHLD), Aerial Cable 600V, 15KV, or 5KV, Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH), Photovoltauc Cable, Copperweld, Alumoweld, Utiltiy Grade Cables (XLP/CPE, EPR, FREP/CPE), Optical Ground Wire (OPGW), ACSR/ACSRT2, AAC/AACT2, and 5KV-69KV, EPR/TR / XLPE (NSHLD/WSHLD).

In addition to providing quality cables, we also provide logistic support, cut-to-length cable services, and flexible financing. To receive your RFQ, pelase contact (770) 449-1000.

Frank Nicklas

Ext. 16, frank@resitechindustries.com

Melvin Howard

Ext 24, melvin@resitrechindustries.com